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Whether you’re commuting in the city or heading out for the weekend, traffic can be unpredictable. Getting updated options on where to find a shortcut or when to take the long route, is your best bet to a smooth trip! Add Travel Directions now to your New Tab and get reliable, easy directions any time for FREE!

Why try Travel Directions?


Accurate Navigation

From start to finish, Travel Directions makes planning a new route quicker and easier. With one click you get access to driving, transit, motorcycling and walking directions. Add markers and customise your route anytime and anywhere.


Real-time traffic reports

No one likes getting stuck in traffic. So, why not minimise traffic-related surprises with up-to-date traffic notifications? See which places en route are congested during different times of the day and approximate how long you can expect to take to reach your destination easily.


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Travel Directions links you to popular online map and direction services available today 100% FREE. Install this handy tool and get instant directions for your next road trip without any additional plugins.